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Whenever concrete is poured in the backyard of the home where a missing person has been living, it would seem like that would raise some red flags.  And what I mean by that is, fireworks should be flaring in your brain.  Adding those new pavers that were laid under the playhouse also just would turn those fireworks into a bombshell.  I am in no way saying I have the answers as to what happened to the beautiful angel Caylee.  And due to that fact, I could not be certain as to who was involved.  Regardless to any emotional understanding I have for this family, finding answers as to what happened certainly supersedes those emotions, because there are still too many unanswered questions.  And even though folks seem so certain with what they believed occurred, really, no one knows.  So unless proper, thorough investigations have been done on EACH and EVERY one of those that lived in that house, this case is still pending imho.  I believe that it is the right thing to do when a child or any person for that matter has gone missing and even more so found deceased right near the home.  That doesn’t sound like accusations to me, that is just a good investigation that has to be done regardless to how people feel for the family emotionally.   Here are a several instances where concrete was laid a top the victim right in a back yard, so it is indeed something that does occur more often than I want to know about.  Christian Choate, who had been reported as a 13-year-old runaway was found buried 2 feet beneath a storage shed and a layer of concrete.  Everyone thought David Ellis Bostic had disappeared 14 years ago, but early in May his remains were found under a concrete flowerbed in the backyard.  Abraham Lee Shakespeare who won a $30 million lottery jackpot was reported 3 years later as a missing person.  In  January 2010 his body was found buried under a concrete slab in the backyard of an acquaintance.  Investigators have identified one of two bodies found underneath concrete slabs in the back yard of a Milwaukee home last month.The medical examiner’s office said one is that of Eugene Chaney Jr., who was 48 years old when he disappeared in 2000.The first set of bones was found in early August. The second set was found a day later.The medical examiner’s report said they were found under 14 inches of concrete.

So I think you are getting my drift when I say that landscaping that includes concrete pouring for a new walkway or patio also pavers being replaced is never something that should be just swept aside when a person has gone missing in the same time frame.  In this case cadaver dogs just don’t cut it, you need a jack hammer for what I feel should have been done.  Not because you think they are guilty or are innocent or are suspicious and you’re not sure.  It should be done because that is what needs to be done to thoroughly and effectively search every possible lead as to who and what happened to this dear child.
Which is what brings me to this one question.. where are the reports showing that the investigation into this took place?  Was the concrete lifted and soil samples taken?  Were receipts acquired to ensure of all items purchased and give a date as to when it took place?  But there is nothing… and that is what seems very wrong in a case where there are so many questions that still need answers too.  No stone unturned tactic to ensure that all possible locations evidence could lingering would be probed into…but that is just me, for in my opinion, concrete, landscaping and missing people don’t jive.  And maybe those investigation reports are still under lock and key.  But it sure would be nice to know if indeed it had been done.
In a deposition that GA had with the attorneys, he was asked if he indeed poured fresh concrete during the time that baby angel Caylee had gone missing and his answer was yes… this project did occur during that time frame.
Here is that deposition for you to take a look at for yourself,  starts at about page 211
And when CA was confronted with it by the media this was her response,,2933,390054,00.html  “We do yard work around our house all the time and our yard has been completely looked at,” Cindy Anthony told WFTV Thursday morning. “I feel very confident. The sheriff’s office knows everything that we’ve done in that yard over the last year. We’ve disclosed everything. If they had any concerns, I would think they would have followed up on it already.”
Actually, Orange County, Fla., sheriff’s detectives told FOX News they weren’t aware of a recently poured block of concrete.
So where are those reports of the investigation on this new revelation?
Let’s break this down a bit…
To create a 4 inch thick slab type area that is 9 feet by 5 feet there are the standard amounts needed for PRE MIXED concrete

40# bag you need 51 bags
60# bag you need 34 bags
80# bag you need 26 bags

What did the receipts itemized purchases show?  Did it say redi mix  or self mix concrete, and what number bag was it?

Just for the sake of ease, let’s just take a guess and say that it was the 80# redi mix because as stated he got 27 bags.

Here is that list with approximate costs for what is needed to do it yourself, or even with a friend…

80# Redi Mix Concrete, 27 bags, $100

Contractor-grade wheelbarrow with leak-free tires $100

Bull float with an extension handle $25

Concrete broom $15

A groover that cuts control joints 1 in. deep $10

Two magnesium hand floats $160

Two edgers $100

Iron rake to move around wet concrete $25

Hand maul for pounding in stakes $20

Bolt cutters for cutting mesh $30

Marking paint for outlining the walkway $30

Screw gun for anchoring forms to stakes $100

Mesh ranges anywhere from $50 up to $150 depending on the roll size or if single pre-cut sheets so let’s just round that off to about $75

Approximate cost is $790.00 w/o tax and labor is free since he did it himself… but I can’t discount that possibly short cut or other type tools that he had already could have cut this above cost a bit, but probably not that much, just a guess on that one.

Either way now the cheaply sold concrete at Lowe’s has been washed out by the added items needed to do the job.  And if their statements are correct then at this time money was tight so spending this kind of money just doesn’t seem like it would fit into the budget.

But the receipts show this information right and they sure could have pin pointed a date much better right?  Even if the receipt was thrown away for whatever reason, with what was going on, especially at the time this took place, it wasn’t that long after, Lowe’s would have bent over backwards to assist with getting this information to the police department.

Now back to the concrete process, most concrete pours use as a standard of setting gravel as a base due to changing climates, so with that in mind, a 4 inch concrete slab should also have a 4 foot layer of gravel beneath it. But since Florida is a warm state and for the most part sandy, in lots of cases gravel is not used.  So we can just give benefit of the doubt that this was the reason no gravel was laid first… but even if the ground was as stated in the deposition just full of plant and lava rock, you would still have to aerate the soil before pouring,  it can’t be dense hard soil as your foundation.

Mesh comes in 5-ft. wide, 25- or 50-ft. long rolls. Some stores also carry 5′ x 8′ flat sheets of mesh but cost more per square foot. So unless the receipt shows that they purchased the more expensive pre-cut mesh, then they should have found a roll of it over in the Anthony home during the search warrant. I doubt they would have just tossed out the remainder… who would waste money like that? Most people would store it away…

Had to make a slight adjustment on the weather from last mention but here are the conditions during that week and year the slab would have been laid according to the deposition on August 5, 2009.

(Monday)  June 30th, 2008, the closest available weather station to Orlando, FL (ORLANDO INTL ARPT, FL), reported the following conditions:

High Temp: 91.9F
Low Temp: 71.1F
Average Temp: 79.2F
Dewpoint: 69.3F
Wind Speed: 6 Knots
Precipitation Amount: 0.04 Inches
Snow Depth: n/a
Observations: Fog, Rain/Drizzle, Thunder

(Tuesday)  July 1st, 2008, the closest available weather station to Orlando, FL (ORLANDO INTL ARPT, FL), reported the following conditions:

High Temp: 87.8F
Low Temp: 69.8F
Average Temp: 76.7F
Dewpoint: 67.9F
Wind Speed: 3.2 Knots
Precipitation Amount: 1.29 Inches
Snow Depth: n/a
Observations: Rain/Drizzle, Thunder

(Wednesday)  July 2nd, 2008, the closest available weather station to Orlando, FL (ORLANDO INTL ARPT, FL), reported the following conditions:

High Temp: 87.8F
Low Temp: 69.8F
Average Temp: 76.6F
Dewpoint: 66.8F
Wind Speed: 3 Knots
Precipitation Amount: 0.21 Inches
Snow Depth: n/a
Observations: n/a

(Thursday)  July 3rd, 2008, the closest available weather station to Orlando, FL (ORLANDO INTL ARPT, FL), reported the following conditions:

High Temp: 88F
Low Temp: 70F
Average Temp: 76.9F
Dewpoint: 66.5F
Wind Speed: 2.7 Knots
Precipitation Amount: 0 Inches
Snow Depth: n/a
Observations: n/a

(Friday)  July 4th, 2008, the closest available weather station to Orlando, FL (ORLANDO INTL ARPT, FL), reported the following conditions:

High Temp: 88F
Low Temp: 71.1F
Average Temp: 77.2F
Dewpoint: 67.8F
Wind Speed: 2.3 Knots
Precipitation Amount: 0.46 Inches
Snow Depth: n/a
Observations: Rain/Drizzle, Thunder

(Saturday)  July 5th, 2008, the closest available weather station to Orlando, FL (ORLANDO INTL ARPT, FL), reported the following conditions:

High Temp: 91.9F
Low Temp: 71.1F
Average Temp: 79.4F
Dewpoint: 66.8F
Wind Speed: 2.9 Knots
Precipitation Amount: 0 Inches
Snow Depth: n/a
Observations: n/a

(Sunday)  July 6th, 2008, the closest available weather station to Orlando, FL (ORLANDO INTL ARPT, FL), reported the following conditions:

High Temp: 91.9F
Low Temp: 71.1F
Average Temp: 80.7F
Dewpoint: 68.6F
Wind Speed: 4.9 Knots
Precipitation Amount: 0 Inches
Snow Depth: n/a
Observations: Rain/Drizzle  results shown as per historical records

So we have the 30th rain, the 1st rain, the 2nd no rain, the 3rd no rain, the 4th rain, the 5th no rain, the 6th rain…..  so even if you did do it on those two days that had no rain, your grounds would have been soaked, and rain or any chance of rain is not conducive to laying concrete.  you have waited years, why pick a time when weather conditions could totally ruin your costly project.  It isn’t just about the time it takes to really prep a spot out, and then the carefully pouring and shaping it that you have to worry about when rain is involved, but it is also the curing time.  So unless your whole back yard was covered with a tarp, the rain would have caused issues and most folks unless there is an immediate rush to get his done would have waited for better weather.

I just think that there was so much pushed under the rug and just not given a second thought.  But the questions that people should be asking are these types of questions.  Never stop looking for what happened to Caylee, for the answers can still be found.

Just as in any missing person case, everyone in the household should be investigated to the fullest, not to shame them in anyway or accuse them, but to ensure that their cleared of any wrong doing.  Sometimes the people you least feel the need to investigate are the ones that should be on the top of the list.


Thank the awesome law firm of Morgan and Morgan for taking on such a frivolous case in the after math of this Anthony trial.

The website for Morgan and Morgan Law Firm claims to be for the people and help those that are in need when it comes to personal injuries and the like.  But with the face of Casey Anthony plastered on their main website’s page, can you be sure they even care about their client Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez or even care at all about Caylee Marie Anthony?  Or is this just another way of hitching a ride on the sue Casey Anthony train to fame and fortune?  It sure does make you wonder, well at least it makes me wonder.

My other question is that for such a private person who lives a quiet and simple life such as ZFG claims, why make such headlines for her plight?  There are many numerous ZFG’s that were called, investigated and also asked about KCA, but you don’t see any of these folks names in the papers as hitching a ride on a sue KCA train.  Why not?  Why just this one ZFG?  What makes her have the right to sue and not all the other ZFG’s across the U.S.?

And for that matter, who do the attorneys in M&M think they are delving into such personal information and subjects that have absolutely NOTHING to do with ZFG’s civil case.  The job of a litigator of cases such as civil suits is to gain financial winnings for their client due to them being put into an injurious/victim situation in their life.  So why are these lawyers not just doing that?  For them to win the case for ZFG all they have to do is prove that she was indeed harmed by things such as loosing her job, being kicked out of her apartment and her children getting kicked out of school, things such as this due to a name similar to her’s being mentioned in KCA’s story to LE.  But that is not being discussed or proven on their end, why not?  There is absolutely NO need to rehash the entire case that Judge Belvin Perry already just tried KCA for.  Am I the only one who sees this as a crazy way to handle a civil case?  And if you think about it, KCA way back in the beginning told the LE’s in charge of the case that this woman, ZFG WAS NOT THE LADY SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT.  So, how is she still able to sue as being hurt in any way?  The law firm that represents ZFG I guess is above the law and normal way that civil cases are presented, they get cart blanch to do and run a case however they see fit.  Seems pretty fair right?

I feel like no one is asking this question because they want to stick it to KCA anyway they can due to her acquittal.  This is just another way for the witch hunt to continue whilst the angry mobs sharpen their pitch forks and get the oil ready for their burning the witch when they finally get her.

Do the witch hunters realize that they have been helping people who chase fame and fortune all along?  There is no justice being done for Caylee Marie Anthony, and that my friends is the saddest part of all these types of things that continue to sprout up surrounding this case.   And even sadder that the exact folks who claim to LOVE and HONOR Caylee are doing the exact opposite for her memory.  You witch hunters should be proud of yourselves… very proud indeed.

May you be at peace Caylee and I pray that one day, when these witch hunters are done with their blind rage, they can finally focus their energy and passion on WHO the real person is that did harm onto you.  May you always rest in the arms of the angels baby girl Caylee.






Regardless to what your victim advocacy group is convinced about me is irrelevant to who I really am and what I stand for in my life.  What you’re so-called group has failed to see is that this blog is NOT intended to be a pro or anti Casey blog.  There will indeed be other issues discussed and documented and cataloged here because that is what this blog was intended to be.  No, I don’t need folks to comment, no I don’t need folks to follow my blog, all I need is for them to have a large source of information about a person or subject at their hands.  And what you don’t see, is that folks actually understand that, and are using this blog exactly as I intended, a reference site.  Is that clear enough for you to understand?  When I do research on any subject, I like having websites, videos, photos and whatever else pertains to that such person or subject all located in one place, so I can learn without having to travel to numerous amounts of websites to do so.  Not that I have to explain this to you, but out of respect to another human being whom has nothing better to do then constantly send me threatening and down right foul messages on a repeated basis, I am doing so just for clarification just to ensure that it is very, very, very easy for you and your gang to understand.

You and your so-called “experts” have it all wrong about me, but of course that is as I said irrelevant.  But I will indeed allow you one bit of knowledge that you did get incorrect as you and your advocacy group sat around and came up with as exactly who I am.

I have never been in trouble with the law, in any way, shape, form or otherwise.  I have had a few parking tickets, but I doubt those are considered criminal.  In fact, let me add another tidbit that just flows right along with this exact subject.  I actually adore the police that protect my city.  They are wonderful men and women who risk their lives daily to protect my family and for that I am grateful for, each and every day.  And I make sure to tell them every chance I get, do you?  But what does upset me with a passion is when a protector of our citizens LIES about evidence and PADS cases to ensure that people are convicted wrongly and unjustly.  So if you say I have some hate towards police, well then yes I do, but only the dark evil police that have traveled over to  the not being so law-abiding and good anymore.  Are you saying there are no bad types of police persons on the force in our country at the moment that I must hate all cops because only the good and honest type of officers exists?

I also should add, I am in no way lonely, naive, immature and a fantasy based person whom is desperate to belong to what I believe is a “righteous” tiny group of outsiders.  Shame shame that you and any of your so-called experts on personalities and traits have gotten this so incorrect about me.  Which is just fine if you ask me, it just proves to me that as long as I stay true to myself, live as a good human and always ensure that truth prevails, even when there are people such as yourself that would crush the world and it’s inhabitants just to be correct in your assumption of what is the “truth” in your eyes.  You would crush the world to a pulp even if your truth was dead wrong.

And even more shameful should you ALL be that you ever would spout any kind of slanderous words and character assassination onto me about what I feel about children.  I laugh in your and ALL those hundreds of eyes you say are watching my every word faces.  If you really knew anything about me, you would know that I think children are the most important thing to treasure on this earth.  They are our future they are due all the love, kindness, assistance in growing as they are young into adulthood.  Not that I have to even bother with expressing that, but it sure does make me very disheartened that a so-called group of experts can deduce my whole personality and call me a baby killer lover and a baby hater that is a danger for children to be around.  I laugh in ALL of your faces at that absurdity.  My whole interest in this case was based solely on what happened to baby angel Caylee and when discovered my sole purpose was to find WHO was the one that harmed that poor child. Have you even bothered to figure out if there was anyone else that could have done it?  In a typical home, especially since three adults lived there as Caylee’s caretakers, in a normal circumstance, ALL three people would be heavily investigated for all possible angles to find the person at fault.  But that wasn’t done, why?  If you showed me more proof then the prosecution and law enforcement did that without a doubt showed me that Casey did indeed kill her child, I would accept my incorrectness and accept this.  For the only thing that matters is WHO killed this baby girl.  But thanks for folks like you no one will look, because you have already hung Casey, even though there is absolutely NO proof whatsoever she did it.

Unlike your radical group of bullies, I have no problem discussing my views about this case and my thoughts of happiness that Casey was acquitted of the death penalty.  And oddly enough, friends and family who do not agree with my views don’t shun me or stone me to death or start cursing me out the way that you and your gang of bullies have done to me.  We are adults, we are human, we understand that even friends and family can disagree and still have decent intellectual and calm debates about subjects that often times we don’t see eye to eye on.  So no, NOT all folks shun folks who disagree with this verdict, it is only radical bullies such as yourself that do.  And this is not something I am making up folks, this person whom I am writing to has told me this is exactly what they have done to their friends and family who have expressed their happiness in the acquittal.  Pretty scary when the words come straight from the horse’s mouth.

If you are such a group that calls yourself “victim advocacy” agents, then why wouldn’t you be asking these same questions???    Because you are not, that tells me all I need to know about who you and your gang of bullies are, but thanks for taking the time to write me a dozen times with your foul language and long-winded spouting of how perfect you all are and how evil I am and everyone in the blog I discuss things in with my friends.  Your kind to take the time to share your views and had you been a little bit less condescending, gossipy about members of that the blog I visit (and super personal and horrible things I might add about them), preachy, foul-mouthed, insulting by saying I am a simple minded child hater that adores and worships baby murderers, I might have enjoyed hearing your points of view and would have been more than open to hearing what you have to say that has substance.

It isn’t my fault that I have a very insightful and investigative mind that lead me to see things about the case that just didn’t fit correctly.  And yes, even the prosecution team knew this.  About me bad mouthing any of the officials involved, I am unaware of a time I have ever done this in any serious nature and if I am mistaken, well hey, this is America baby, you can say ANYTHING you want.  Including that there were 84 chloroform visits when there indeed was not.

And about your childish desire to continue to say that just because I choose a sweet ass handle of an awesome lady of power called thespidergirl, that is just further elaborating to me your ample amount of childish tendencies within yourself.  Why do you even care what my blog is called or what my name is anyway?  This name means something special to me and that is all that should matter to you or anyone.  Is this deemed as offensive to your victim advocacy group and is a blatant crime against another having this name?   Or is that just the child in you lashing out at me again, like all the other letters you wrote me over the last several days?

And about this Gary Giordano and Jose Baez and whoever the heck else you are talking about.  I have NO interest in this case, and don’t even know what the hell you keep writing to me about it.  Your starting to sounds nuts with repeating it to me over and over again when I have NO idea what you are talking about nor did I ask you about nor have you seen me post anywhere about it…. so what is the deal with that?  just another childish jab?

And if, I actually did want to look into the case and come up with my own conclusions, which I always do, even on the blog you say I worship and obey then adopt all their viewpoints, i would speak my own mind and thoughts and come up with my own conclusions, just as I always have in there and in here and for that matter everywhere.  Another total misconception about who I am as a strong woman of the world, I don’t just let you or anyone do my thinking for me, I have a strong brilliant mind that does all its own thinking and computing.  It is my right as an American.  My whole history of family fought for this countries freedoms and all were non criminals who paid their taxes and worked hard for this country.  So I take my rights as an American citizen very, very, very seriously and hold dear our constitution that so many of our forefathers fought for including many of my own.

It is very sad to me that you’re so ready to hang a woman with no proof, this right here is just the only thing I need to know that you have NO idea of what it is to be an American and why it is so important to follow due process in the laws.  But I am sure you and your gang will find a way to spin that in a direction that makes everyone and me wrong and all of you all in the right!

I truly wish you peace in your life, and the capacity to open your heart to having some of this bitterness fly far away from you, because sadly it is unhealthy, I have read all your filthy notes to me, and this bitterness you hold onto is very unhealthy.  I will pray for you and yours.

And I do believe that also applies to people who travel the internet.  Just because there is a blog or forum type site that allows for people to express themselves freely it doesn’t mean that if you hate what the posters are saying you should comment.  There is an old adage that my mother used to tell me, “if you have nothing nice to say, then keep your
mouth shut”, it made me mad when I was young this old saying of hers. But as I grew up and got a little bit wiser, I realized what a waste of energy it is to even try to agree so why argue about your differences? Here is a simple fact that you learn, and if your young and can apply it now, you’ll be way ahead of the game and this will save you a lot of heartache in the long run.


There the secret to not giving a hoot about what others think is out there now. What I noticed after I applied this logic into my daily life was this, I was much happier of a person.  We have a billion people living on this earth, give or take a few million, and what the hell was I thinking that we all had to agree to get along??!!  What a fool I was indeed, the key to getting along with anyone, anywhere and under most circumstances was to allow them their view-point and not get so emotional or attached to what they perceive as being real.  Stick to what was going on in my own head, what was real for me and understanding that difference in perception made me look at harsh or indifferent people in a less stressful light. really?!! WTF a
child is lost because of what someone said on the internet??!!  seriously?!
this is exactly what I am talking about, this madness needs to end, please for
the love of all that is holy, just say NO!!  if you’re not sure you’re the type that does the bullying or is the victim of the bully this is the site for you

Updates being done daily

I have been creating pages for each of the participants in the Casey Anthony trial, whether they were in court or not, they are listed and any information offered about them are either found in the blog comments or for convenience I have created the pages to the right of this post just under the recent comments section so that you can find the person and or reference that you are searching for with ease.  Please let me know if you are having trouble finding a certain video, letter or just footage of something in reference to this case, I would be more then happy to help find it for you.

Peace and blessings to all!

I am glad that this verdict is read and now Casey Anthony can finally live in peace.  Well, some of us at least do hope that she is allowed this liberty.  I for one am very happy for the verdict and wish her the very best in life.  This trial sure does send many of my friends and family in different directions in beliefs and in a most explosive way at times.  It is amazing to me how heated people can get about other folks lives, but take very little introspection into their own.  I believe that the fact that this is a child is an amazing reason for all the passion that follows along with the case.  But amazingly enough, there were several other children in that area of the state that were reported missing and their stories went under the radar.  But please feel free to thank your media hounds that send you to all the wrong places with all the wrong facts.
At this present moment, of the children allowed to be listed on the database, there are 251 children still missing in the State of Florida, this is alarming that more is not said about the whole lot of kids of parents that are still mourning for their child.  I mean why just focus on one case?  Spend all this money on one case, this one?  It will never ever cease to amaze me, for through time, crime statistics will show that there have been many other cases of people who for whatever reason didn’t report their children missing, or their other missing loved ones, this is no new phenomenon.  It is certainly an odd thing to do, but surely not one that warranted the death of Casey with this little to go on, well in fact, just a guess to go on.  This I think will haunt me till my dying days why some cases get the bulk of attention when others just get passed over like dirt under a rug.  But that won’t haunt me as much as the communities of people who are acting like the freak zombies that have emerged due to this trial.  That sadly will haunt me for life.
My one wish for the zombies is that they find their way out of the darkness that is called media, cough cough the NG’s of the world, and step into the light of their own minds.  Stop your anger towards Casey and direct your attention onto enriching your own childrens lives and if you have no children, then your nieces or nephews.  If you’re looking for a place to direct your energy, try helping one of the many hundreds of children that are STILL actively missing to this day in Florida alone.
Can you imagine what a group of ex-zombies could do if they had a purpose?  Let’s go you reformed zombies, start helping at any of the below today, start using your energy where it will be used for good.
National Center for Missing Kids
Find Missing Children Organization
Childfind of America

FBI Kidnappings and Missing Persons

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